Saturday, August 17, 2013

One Busy Day!

Yes believe it or not it's me again! I have just uploaded my Creative Writing Tips 3 to YouTube (finally) Apologies for the delay but we've had the most amazing time away and I'm only getting re-acquainted with my broadband now, six weeks later! So yes I'm having a busy day. Kids I hear you ask? What kids? Ha, let's just say thank God for hubbies.
In Creative Writing Tips 3 I talk about character profiles. I've decided to put a rough draft of a character profile here in the hope that it will develop your characters. It is short but using the headings try to make your character profile as broad as possible. I'm sure there are other headings that I've missed out on so feel free to extend this. Happy Writing!!
                                    Character Profile

Character's name/s:

Character's Age:
Star sign:

Physical Description:
Hair color:
Hair Style:
Eye color:
Does s/he wear glasses? contacts?

Physical disabilities
Distinguishing Marks

What role have they in the family
Mother/father/siblings/extended family
If older is s/he in a relationship?
Have their own apartment/house/partner/car etc
Plan out a family tree (even a short one)

Where do they live? Country/County/ village/ City
Somewhere fantastical

School/College/Job/retired/unemployed/unable to work

What religion if any are they?
How does this impeach on their lives?


Good and bad
Why have they these characteristics? Hereditary/Learned/Brought on from a specific event

Type of people they hang around with. Why?
Why they have enemies?


Children's Books Ireland are all highs and lows at the moment, or lows and highs to be more precise! On the one hand they are saying a heartbreaking goodbye to their AMAZING Director Mags Walsh but on the other they are welcoming the equally amazing Elaina O Neill as their new Director. I have the privilege of saying that I was Chairperson of Children's Book's Ireland when we employed Mags, initially as Programme Manager and later as Director. I have to say I think it was the best decision that Children's Books Ireland ever made. She was and still is an amazingly charismatic, friendly, outgoing, clever, brilliant, creative, hard-working director and manager. CBI has grown considerably under her care and management and that of her team. I wish her every success and good wish and know she will make as marvelous an impact in her next endeavor as she did in this! 
I have also had the pleasure to know and work with Elaina O Neill as she is the Managing Editor of Little Island, whom I am published with. I know that Elaina is an excellent choice for CBI's next stage. She is another amazingly talented, charismatic, hard-working and generally superb person. I have absolutely no concerns for the future of this great organization and I know it will grow and thrive in the capable hands of Elaina and her team. Well done to CBI on choosing such a worthy person to follow in Mag's footsteps. Wishing both Mags and Elaina every success and happiness in their new roles.  

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Today is a great day for the ducks! Yesterday was too and the forecast for tomorrow is looking pretty dodgy but for the most part July has been one fantastic month. I got to enjoy the beautiful weather in the even more beautiful County Clare, so apologies for my lack of blogging but  I had no internet for the month! I definitely suffered withdrawal symptoms for the first few days but I recovery quickly and have coped rather well.

So now that I'm back I wanted to tell about a brilliant competition for all you budding writers out there A.M.Heath Literary Agency are looking for New Irish Talent and it could be you. So check it out now.
My next video on Creative Writing will be up in the next week too so until then happy writing!